It contains peptide that helps to improve the elasticity of crumpled and stretched skin. Its small molecular size and a high stability with a double membrane structure help to absorb quickly to the skin. Rich moisturizing ingredients are gently absorbed into the skin. 


Mixed Plants Extract

It is a patent ingredient which is mixture botanical extracts. It helps moisturize and smooth skin sensitive to the external environment.


Marin Collagen

Collagen, which accounts for 80% of the skin's dermis, has a strong binding force with moisture and plays an important role in skin elasticity and moisturizing. Provides nourishment to your skin for a long time to care your tired skin.


它含有有助於改善皺紋和拉伸皮膚彈性的肽。 它的小分子尺寸和具有雙膜結構的高穩定性有助於迅速吸收到皮膚。 豐富的保濕成分會被皮膚吸收。


它是一種專利成分,是植物提取物的混合物。 有助於讓對環境敏感的肌膚



膠原蛋白佔皮膚真皮的80%,與水分具有很強的結合力,在皮膚彈性和保濕中起著重要的作用。 長時間提供營養,呵護疲倦的肌膚。


Renewal Dual Effect BTX Collagen

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