LEBODY Face is a micro current device to deliver active ingredient into skin and to improve elasticity for face lifting. Micro current has been clinically proved in the beauty & medical field for long time and Lebody Face provides nice result within stabilized micro current. 


LEBODY FACE 美容儀采用了振動頻率的科技來達到美顔的效果。振動頻率是早在美容醫學界認證的美容科技。讓美容儀能有效的把護膚產品的精華導入肌膚,以及改善肌膚彈性而提拉臉部肌膚。


2 MODE 兩種模式: 

I Mode - Penetration 導入模式

               (With Renewal Up Cream) (配合面霜使用)

              ✓ Wrinkle Improvement 改善皺紋

              ✓ Healthy Skin Tone 打造營養肌膚

              ✓ Skin Elasticity 改善肌膚彈性

              ✓ Skin Moisturizing 滋潤肌膚

L Mode - Improve Skin Elasticity 肌膚彈性模式

                (With Renewal Face Water Gel) (配合臉部凝膠)

              ✓ Skin Moisturizing 滋潤肌膚

              ✓ Skin Calming 鎮定肌膚

              ✓ Skin Nutrition 營養肌膚

              ✓ Skin Lifting 提拉臉部   





    1. LEBODY FACE Device
    2. Renewal Face Water Gel x 2
    3. Renewal Up Cream x 2
    4. Device Charger Slot
    5. Pouch
    6. USB Charger Cable 
    • LEBODY FACE美容儀 x 1
    • 面部凝膠 x 2
    • 面霜 x 2
    • 美容儀插座
    • 小包
    • USB 充電綫
    1. Dimensions: 142mm x 51mm x 41mm
    2. Power Input: 3.7VDC, 1200mAh, 5VDC, 1.2A