LEBODY FORM helps to improve body toning and swollen body by sequence of contraction and relaxation of muscles through MID-FREQUENCY. Manage daily by gym mode, better after work out. Intense body care by slim mode, more muscle contraction by BEAT FREQUENCY. 


LEBODY FORM 瘦身儀是透過中頻頻率刺激肌肉收縮和鬆弛。LEBODY FORM 瘦身儀的功能可以有效的改善身形和肥胖的體型。健身模式可在健身後使用,效果更佳。瘦身模式是適用于消除多餘脂肪。LEBODY FORM 懶人瘦身儀,讓您躺著也能瘦身!


Features 用處:

✓ Decrease Body Waste & Body Fat 排掉雜質及消除脂肪

✓ Strengthen Muscles 增强肌肉

✓ Cellulite Reduction 減少橘皮組織

✓ Improve Skin Elasticity and Skin Repair Effect 改善肌膚彈性 & 修復肌膚

✓ Improves the Sagged Tummy 改善肚皮鬆弛

✓ Thigh Fat Thickness Reduction 改善大腿厚度


Can be used on Abdomen, Back, Triceps, Arm, Thighs & Calves. 

可使用在腹部,背部,三頭肌, 手臂,大腿及小腿


    1. LEBODY FORM Device x 1
    2. tHermoCEUTICAL DeAc Aciderm Cream 250ML x 1
    • LEBODY FORM 瘦身儀器 x 1
    • tHermoCEUTICAL 痘肌护理霜  250毫升 x 1
    1. Mode: GYM, SLIM
    2. Dimensions : 95 x 125 x 74mm
    3. Application Area: Abdomen, Back, Forearms, Thighs, Calves  
    • 模式: 健身,瘦身
    • 面積: 95 x 125 x 74mm
    • 可用範圍: 腹部,背部,手臂,大腿,小腿