An avant-garde treatment the A-List adore, Déesee’s game-changing mask spells a new dawn in skin care. Going above and beyond, this miraculous mask features 495 medical-grade LEDs (light emitting diodes) – that’s over 2x more than any other leading consumer-grade LED mask – with three different wavelengths and four different settings to quickly address your skin’s needs (from your sofa).

There are a total of 4 Modes:

  1. ‘Anti-Ageing Mode’ (red light at 630nm) which stimulates creation of skin’s ‘scaffolding’ (the elastin and collagen needed to keep your face ‘lifted’ and skin feeling supple);
  2. ‘Purifying Mode’ (blue light at 415nm) – an anti-bacterial treatment that helps to prevent acne spreading and lessen existing eruptions;
  3. ‘Post Procedure Mode’ (near infrared light at 830nm with red light (630nm) and blue light (415nm)) – to boost circulation, accelerate healing and help prevent scarring.
  4. An additional low frequency patch (833Hz) that is used for massage for blood circulation during that can be conducted simultaneously with the usage of the LED Mask

Déesse LED Spectrum Mask