The fair skin is not inherited, it is made by efforts. OPERA LED Mask is homecare device for maintaining your fair skin. Dual LED light, 630nm Red & 845nm Near Infrared, penetrates into the dermis and promotes metabolic activity in skin cells. LED therapy has been used in aesthetic clinic, which 630nm Red works for wrinkles, collagen production and 845nm Near Infrared helps reducing melanin. Pamper yourself 10 minutes daily, and maintain your fair skin for good.


Opera LED 面膜儀已成了居家護膚電子產品。它擁有雙用LED電療光分別是630nm 紅光 及 845 近紅外光,這能使護膚品的精華渗透到真皮中, 并促进皮肤细胞的代谢活性。LED疗法已用于美容诊所,其中 630nm 紅光適用于皱纹,刺激胶原蛋白生成,而 845nm 近红外有助于减少黑色素。 每天宠爱自己10分钟,就能持續保持白皙的肌膚。

Opera LED Face Mask

    1. Opera LED Face Mask
    2. Deck of Mask & Controller
    3. Pouch
    4. USB Charger Cable 
    1. Dimensions: 265 x 200 x 200mm
    2. Setting Time: Max 10 minutes
    3. LED Quantity: Face (78pcs)
    4. LED Wavelength 630mn(Red), 845nm(IR)
    5. Power Input: DC 5V/ 2.1A
    6. Power Consumption 6W