A substance that is linked through peptide bonds of amino acids and a substance with high skin affinity. Fill your skin with peptides to wake up your skin's vitality. A booster that makes dull skin transparent and radiant. 


Amino Acid Complex

A complex of 17 kinds of amino acid. It is also a kind of natural moisturizing factor, and it can be used for most skin without any restriction on skin type. It is also widely used as a peeling agent used in dermatology. 

Glycyrrhizic Acid

Glycyrrhiza is said to be pure, tasteful, poisonous and harmonious with all other materials. In China, it has been used as a traditional medicine. It helps to calm irritated skin that is stimulated by the outside environment. 


通過氨基酸的肽鍵連接的物質和具有高皮膚親和力的物質。 用肽填充您的皮膚,喚醒您的皮膚活力。 使暗沉的皮膚透明,容光煥發的助推器。



複雜的17種氨基酸。 它也是一種天然保濕因子,可使用在多種皮膚類型,而對皮膚類型沒有任何限制。 它也被廣泛作爲皮膚科中使用的脫皮劑。



甘草據說是純淨的,有氣味的,有毒的並且能與其他材料混合。 在中國,它已被用作傳統藥物。 它有助於修復受環境刺激的皮膚。



Renewal Dual Effect Peptide

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