LEBODY Bu:w Activator and Solution and cream help skin care fit for each condition. This dual functional product gives skin whitening effect and change wrinkles to resurface resiliently. Specific ingredient of product provides proper solution fit for each situation. Natural Protector, patented ingredient derived from seven different natural ingredients, quickly calms irritated skin. Also, Phyto Oligo, patented ingredients, helps to create smooth skin texture with excellent moisturizing effect.


LEBODY Bu: w 乳霜可幫助皮膚護理適應各種狀況。 這雙重功能的產品具有美白皮膚的功效,並能改善皺紋,使肌膚表面彈性恢復。 產品的特定成分可為每種肌膚狀況提供適當的改善。 天然保護劑是來自七種不同天然成分的專利成分,可迅速鎮定受刺激的皮膚。 此外,Phyto Oligo,獲得專利的成分,有助於形成光滑的皮膚質地,能呈現最佳的保濕效果。

Renewal Up Cream

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    1. LEBODY Renewal Up Cream 80ml