Blemish blind cover-up cream

Suitable for:
 ☑️ All skin
 ☑️ Whitening
 ☑️ Anti-aging

✅ Perfect full coverage ability instantly conceals blemishes and inflamed skin while soothing and hydrating.
✅ Non Oily Formulation
✅ Non Chemical Antiseptic
✅ Non Acnegenic/Comedogenic

👉 Safely cover up the flushed skin.
👉 Naturally cover stimulated skin from external stimulus.
👉 Elasticity improvement.
👉 Reduces wrinkles with the exclusive antioxidant effect of Adenosine.
👉 Long-lasting comfortable adhesion and a sense of fitting.
👉 Skin coiling layer evenly and adhesively fits on the skin and comfortably covers it for a long time.
👉 Skin tone improvement.
👉 Allows the skin to achieve even and bright skin tone with Arbutin which is safe and effective to the skin.

Main ingredients:
Mulberry Root Extract
Polyglutamic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid

Directions for Use:
1. Gently apply and massage over the face after sunscreen.

tHermoCEUTICAL Brightening Blemish Contour 50ml