FOxC Peel is an innovative peeling program based on anti-oxidant that helps the skin achieve vibrant and radiant glowing by exfoliating pigmented dead skin cells and preventing the prolonged activity of pigments and melanin production.

Tackle the following concerns:
1. Whitening
2. Pigments Prevention
3. Hydration
4. Exfoliation
5. Anti-oxidant

FOxC Peel = Fruit acids + Oxygen + Vitamin C Peel

Key ingredients:
1. Tranexamic acid - Boosts other whitening substances, restrains melasma and improves skin firmness
2. V-Peptide - Controls melanin activation
3. Oxygen therapy Vitamic C
4. Fruit acid
5. Botanical Ingredients
6. Berry fermented extract (polyphenol) - Powerful anti-oxidant
7. r-PGA arginine

•Suitable for all skin types
•Safe and simple protocol 10~15min
•No social downtime
•Little to no desquamation

What's in the Box:
1) 1 x 15ml Melaless Peel
2) 1 x 60ml Bubble Booster
3) 1 x 12g Optimum 20C Ampoule
4) 10 packet x 3g Bubble C Snow
5) 1 x Prime Phyto Ampoule
6) 1 x Brush (used to apply Peeling Solution)

tHermoCEUTICAL FOxC Peel - Melaless Whitening