【Natural Sun Screening 3D Bio Block】☀️
Blocks 90% of UV spectrum:
• UVB: SPF50+
• UVA: PA+++

Suitable for:
• All skin
• Whitening
• Anti-aging
• Sun protection

Formulated with natural botanical sun-protecting filter, this innovative sunscreen helps protect the skin from sun damage and premature aging progress

Botanical sun protection technology: BIOBLOCK
• Natural sun protection filter PLE extract and Antioxidant complex of Caffeic Acid, Ferulic Acid, Vitamin C&E safely blocks the sun to protect the skin and restore it from sun damage.

Soothing and Cooling at once!
• Sunray increases skin temperature and promotes premature aging. Solarcare 90 Gel Fluid helps protect the skin temperature from heat damage by rapidly soothing with -4℃ of cooling effect.

Strengthening skin barrier
• Helps protect damaged skin barrier with skin barrier components of Ceramide, Fatty acid, Cholesterol, and Phytosphingosine.

Certified by Korean Food & Drug Association to be Anti-wrinkle, Whitening and UV-Protection Functional Cosmetic

Main ingredients:
• Polypodium Leucotomos
• Vitamin C&E
• Ferulic Acid
• Caffeic Acid
• Phytosphingosine

Directions for Use:
• Gently apply at the last step of skincare routine.
• Recommended to use 15 minutes before sun exposure.

tHermoCEUTICAL Solarcare 90 Gel Fluid 50ml